We are: Scott Hunt, Danielle DeLude, Michelle Krieger, Suzanne Stover, Jessica Karches, and Eric Lawton

In November 2007 we began as a team to develop a way to introduce web 2.0 tools to teachers, staff, and students in the Holland School District. We became part of a larger community of educators in the Western New York area sharing ideas on how to effectively utilize and implement these applications into personal practice and explore classroom uses.

What is PLP?
The BOCES of the Western New York Joint Management Team (JMT) in partnership with the leaders of Powerful Learning Practice have teamed to create a comprehensive, systemic one-year professional development program that engages educators from participating schools in transformational conversations about 21st Century Learning. Powerful Learning Practices for Administrators and Teacher Leaders” (PLP) uses a blend of face to face and online curriculum to connect small teams from 20-forward thinking schools from the Western New York Region to establish a powerful, ongoing learning community. In addition, it prepares schools to move forward in systemic ways after the one-year commitment ends by laying the groundwork for three and five year PLP project plans.

As a result of our research, use, and development we are familiar with many new web 2.0 tools. We are in the process of developing useful training for the entire Holland Community and have devised a three-year plan.

YEAR ONE 2007 - 2008

Introduction to faculties: We had three half day workshops for each building with the following goals:
  • To gain awareness of changing online technologies
    • social networking
      • Ning, elluminate, Del.icio.us, Twitter, ect...
      • Facebook and MySpace safety issues
    • wikis and blogs
      • wikispaces, wet paint, blogger, schoolwire, ect...
      • use and application both within the classroom and as a resource
    • Pod casting
      • Thinkbright and Schoolwire
      • use and application with classrooms
    • RSS
      • bloglines, googlereader
      • use and application as a time saving resource
  • Engage in conversation about web 2.0
    • presentation to all staff with rationale, discussion, and examples. Presentation used to make staff aware of web 2.0 technologies
    • wikis for all buildings were constructed and staff had time to use the wiki and were prompted to start a discussion
  • Allow time for exploration of personal interests through wikis and blogs
    • provided examples but encouraged self exploration during the staff development time
    • answered questions about different applications
  • Exposure to educational wikis and blogs
    • provided examples and demonstrated use for personal research (lesson plans and content)
    • showed how to create, edit, and maintain a wiki
  • Create professional learning communities
    • began to develop the concept of communication beyond our classrooms and school
    • facilitated discussion through wikis between departments and buildings
  • Safe use of online applications
    • As a team we discussed web 2.0 uses at the various grade levels
    • Discussed the difference in information between the web and web 2.0 with the entire staff
  • Work - force preparation for high school students
    • lesson plans on applications used that could be utilized in college and work situations

YEAR TWO 2008 - 2009

  • The six current PLP members will turn key training with approximately 20 teachers/administrators. The members will work in teams of two. Teachers will have a day of release time to plan a unit or lessons related to social networking, wikis and blogs, or Podcasting. The members will be given time to support implementation with two half days in the classroom.
  • Selection of Volunteers - At the October faculty meeting, we will introduce project then follow up with an email. If someone commits to the project they will be committing to the following as well as mentoring another teacher the following year. Our first goal would be to try to get a good cross section of teachers at each building. New teachers will be given training during mentoring three times throughout the year.
  • Introduce concept -
    • Nov 3rd Staff Development Day - 1/2 Day for the 24 - Group overview of project, specific training in chosen area to follow
    • Follow up emails and contact through web 2.0 application between mentor and volunteer for the months of November and December to encourage personal use and familiarity with the application.
  • Develop classroom applications - A full day will be needed in the first week of January to review, introduce new material, and begin to develop lessons and units.
  • In February and March mentors would need time to go into the volunteers classroom for lesson implementation.
  • Finale - March 30th Staff Development Day a session where the volunteers can share their projects and information to the entire staff.

YEAR THREE 2009 - 2010

The teachers trained in year 2 will mentor another teacher in the use of web 2.0 tools. The PLP members will become fellows and advise the new mentors in their teacher training. As fellows we will stay current in web 2.0 and be aware of new applications.